Hello and Welcome. So glad You Are Here.


A little about me. I was born in the Bronx, New York City, and have now lived in Florida for about thirty years. I am a mother of three, two adult men and one woman. I am also the  grand-mother of four adults, and now the great-grandmother or Gg as they are trying to learn to call me – of two boys and one girl the third who is will be here soon. Three GG’s in one and a half years!

I have read voraciously since I was a child, and as a singer love the music coming from the flow of the words. I will not go into all the things I did in my life, but writing a book is the last and the hardest. I am now eighty-five years old, soon to be eighty-six and have published my first book, Mountain of Full Moons. I am now seriously working on the memoir of my crazy and amazing life and this part of the story is about my first efforts to become a writer and finding myself through the attempt.  


In school I had no problem writing. The words flowed, except in third grade—and I had no idea I would have such a hard time learning to write a book. Actually it has not been writing, it’s more like trying. Writing seems to have a life of its own. It felt like it glued me to it, almost as if I were depending on writing to make me happy and fix all the problems in my life. The most difficult part for me is getting emotions on the paper. I just can’t get it right and because of that I am all tied up inside and afraid to even begin.

If you ever have questions, answers, ideas about what you would like me to write about, etc., etc. etc. please feel free to put them in as the comment box as we go on. I even accept your view of what you would like me to write about or should shut up about. Free and easy.

Hope you like my dog! She is a rescue and the sweetest animal ever unless I leave anything related to food around. Then it’s time to tear it all up and leave it for me to clean up. But – she had a fun day!


Author: Irene Kessler

My life was filled with mountains and boulders. In order to survive I had many different jobs and adventures I want to tell you about. There is not enough room to tell you all I did so I'll hit some highlights. Born in the Bronx, NYC, I grew up to sing opera in the U.S. and Europe. Next I became a psychologist and practiced in NYC and again when I moved to Florida. My first book "Mountain of Full Moons" will be out in April of 2020 and I am now writing a memoir because as I said to the principal during first grade, "I have a lot to say." I am the mother of two men and a woman all in their 60's, four grandchildren and one great-grandchild - therefore my blog "Who am I and Why and subtitle almost a century because I am crawling closer and closer to the goal of 103. I love life and try to live it to the fullest. I'm a vegetarian of 30 years and healthy. Oh yes, I should mention my two divorces.

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